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The Centralina Workforce Development Board is focused on creating regional strategic partnerships that support businesses, workers, and ultimately, the economic growth of our region. Extensive research and data drive our decisions to invest in initiatives that strengthen our workforce, provide opportunities for career seekers, and support the success of employers in the global economy.

Centralina Career Headlight

Centralina Career Headlight is a user-friendly, real-time web-based platform created to quickly and efficiently match the region's career seekers with rewarding careers and the training needed to qualify for those regional jobs. This free service assists students, counselors, workers, and others in identifying in-demand occupations in our region and the related locally-based education and training resources.
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North Carolina Manufacturing Institute

Centralina WDB and partners have launched the NC Manufacturing Institute to provide pathways for manufacturing companies in our region to access top workforce talent. The Institute's mission is "building a world-class workforce for regional manufacturers"
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UpSkill Centralina

UpSkill Centralina, an initiative of the Centralina Workforce Development Board (WDB), offers competitive training grants designed to address employees' skill gaps and thereby help your business grow.
Eligible businesses can use this talent solution when their employees have identified skills gaps that need to be addressed through training. These training funds can be used to provide either occupational or educational training to help employees who have identified skills gaps and want to:

  • Upgrade skills and knowledge to retain their current job or
  • Obtain industry recognized certifications or
  • Gain new skills and knowledge to advance their career with their employer

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Finish Line Grants

Finish Line Grants provide emergency assistance to currently enrolled community college students who have completed at least 50% of their training program. Students approved for assistance must qualify under WIOA regulations. The Finish Line Grants are a partnership between the Centralina Workforce Development Board and local community colleges.

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Career Seekers

Career Seekers

NCWORKS CAREER CENTER can help you maximize your job search, increase your skillset, and obtain meaningful employment. ...

NextGen Services

NextGen Services

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